Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question and anwser time...

What do I do when I don't have to go to work the next morning?

See for the answer after the jump ;)! Go on, I know you want to know!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Makeup look of the day, Christmas present

I did a ligher version of the makeup on the pictures today for work. I just wanted to do something easy and light, but I actually discovered the makeup to wear on my eyes that goes perfect with my Maybelline Red Pepite 550 Colorsensational lipstick.

I put Palladio eye primer all over my eyelid, next I applied the lighter matte brown shade to my crease area and outer corner. Then I took the diamond powder and lightly pressed it down on my lid and more intensley to my inner corners, after that I took the darker matte brown shade and put it into my crease and outer corner and blended it all. As a higlight I used the yellowish skin colored shadow from the Maybelline duo in Cashmere Browns.
I put on Oriflames (as swedish makeup brand) Giordani Gold cream eyeliner with my Eco Tools liner brush and used Maybellines Lash Stiletto mascara (the one in the black tube).

Pictures of my eye makeup and christmas presents are after the break.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a quick update

I'm going to make a post soon (read: this week) about my Christmas present  I received from my sister (Joik bath things giftset) and new book I just got today (So Bright and Delicate- Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawn) and I love it so much!

Christmas dinner in a gallery

I totally forgot about this post, it was written on the 22'nd, but I wanted to polish it a bit (and instead forgot all about it).

I see I forgot to write I had delicious beetroot pie and desert at the gallery. Loved the paintings too, and christmas music!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random post: I just have to say it - I Love This Song

Ok, I just made yet another post today, but I listned to this song again and I just love it.
I'm not german, but I understand german language and I just love this song. They have other greate songs I love too! And I know it wasn't like a real band, it was made for a movie, but that doesnt change the fact that I love the voice of the singer, J├╝rgen Vogel. Ok, I think I am able to drink another cup of tea (that would probably be my 15th today or something like that, no just kidding, but I have had a lot, lot, lot of tea today!).

My every day eye makeup and a little about Cecelia Aherns "A Place Called Here"

Since I was bored I decided to put on my eye makeup (and blush) on Sunday evening, just for fun.
By the way I had to climb under the ceiling to make a some what decent picture of my makeup.

Every day makeup with Avon quad
Mocha Latte

I love my makeup very natural.

Since I have glasses I find that I do not want extra shadows on my eyes, so I tend to keep my makeup light on the eyes, I sometimes even dont do the eyeliner, but then I'll vear darker brown on my eyes.

My blush is Avons face pearls, I love them! They give such a nice pink on my cheeks, without being too pink.

I love Rimmel lipstick in 006 Pink Blush, I use it every day. I don't usually wear makeup on Saturdays and Sundays, but when I go somewhere, then I do like to put makeup on  even on weekends.

My lazy Sunday just worked itself over to a Lazy Sunday, I still haven'ty read my book,  but I adore how the cover looks, I'm not a big fan of pink in clothing, but I love it on my cheeks, lips, book covers and ect .

I just can't continue reading it for some reason. The book came as a box set, containing 3books in it "Remember me" (Loved it!) and "If You Could See Me Now", "Where Rainbows End". I loved both of those. I allso have read "PS I Love You", awww my heart melt, a great book, made me laugh and cry. I love when a book is capable of doing that to me :)! What I find intresting is that in the very beginning the question "Where do lost things go" is being risen, I find it a very good question, as a child I had the very same one, I was convinced that there is a land full of lost things, mountains of lost suitcases and shoes, shirts and skirts, favourite dolls and lollipops...

OK, as I am a tea addict I'm going to make some tea now :)!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little review: Bjobj Avena oat shampoo and conditioner, Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating mask and other hairtalk

Let me first tell you about the smell oh the shampoo and conditioner, they both smell like I expected- like oat, and a bit spicey, allmost like they would contain ginger or something. It's not the typical sweet smells I go for (well duh, it's not at all sweet), but I like it, I don't think the fragrance is going to last long on my hair though. It smells very natural. It is ment for dry and fragile hair. The cleansing substances are of vegetable origin. The consistensy of the shampoo was like a more fluid gel, orange tinted and clear. It formed a nice foam. The conditioner looked groase, it looked nasty, like sourcreame mixed with cottage cheese (I just realised that I don't know why I think that looks nasty, but it does!). The smell was the same as the shampoo's, but stronger. What I found intresting was that my hair absorbed the conditioner right away. That
has never happened before. I wonder if it was a good sign? (I'm still in the process of drying my hair).
OK now I've combed my hair (it is still wet, but no worry, I did it with a wide tooth comb) and it really was easy to comb through it. I have shoulder lenght hair, but usually it is really hard for me to comb through it without hurting myself.
My hair is still slightly damp, but I have to say that I like the products I used, I didn't put any leave-in conditioner in it and my hair is all nice and soft. Didn't really think it would work on my hair. I think I'm going to buy the full sized bottles to try if it really works for me- my hair is usally exited about new prodocts so trying it once doesn't mean much actually in my opinion. My hairtype is weak and dry, but gets oily on the roots and I wash it allmost daily (I know it's not good, but I can't help it).

Small sample tube of Dr Hauschka
Rejuvanating mask
I allso tried out the rejuvenating mask from Dr Hauschka. The smell I find intresting. When I first put it on my face it smelled slightly like men shampoo to me, but then in time it turns into a flowery smell, that reminds me of a rose bodymist. It has oils of all sorts of good in it. It's kind of strange that the mask suits all skin conditions according to the pamplet inside the boxh it came with, I'm a bit sceptical. But I'll find out in a minute if a onetime use has done any good (not expecting much of  the first time using it, I still have about 1-2uses in the tube, which was 5ml/0.17 Oz).
On the paper in the box they say to take off the mask with a with a moist cloth, I felt the need to wash my face with luke warm water. I can't really say it did anything for me, maybe my porse are slightly better (not so large). I'll have to use it up and then I'll get back with the verdict.

Casting Creme Gloss in 630
Caramell on naturally dark brown hair
My hair is currently colored with Casting Creame Gloss in 630 Caramell. I didn't belive it would work for my hair, because my natural color is 2shades darker I belive, but it did. The sad part is, I used this hairdye  beliving it would wash out in 28 washes, but it so has not. I colored my hair on 29'th of October, since then I have washed my hare more than 28 times, but this color just doesn't come off. I was dumb to belive that in the first place, I know. The reason I'm so sad about it is because I grow my hear for about 3 years to get all the brown/black color out and even cut it very short two years ago. I still hope that it magically will evetually wash out. Don't get me wrong I love the color at the moment, but I have trouble with commiting to one certain haircolor. Even now, being sad about this color not washing off, I feel like trying out a nother one :P. Plus I hate the roots, I hate having to color the roots!
But if I get over the hate towards roots, I think I'll try out 713 Iced Latte next, and then later I have a nother reason to whine about :P.

Lazy Saturday: Avon quad, Eco Tools, free sample, tea and talk

Hi world, I allmost wanted to give up on the blog, didn't feel like writting at all, but I'll try this thing out.
The pictures I made are not that good, but I hope I'll get better in time.

I bought a quad from Avon (Mocha Latte), I've been using it all week, I love it!
Avon quad Mocha Latte
Saddly I didn't manage to make a decent picture of it, but I did swatch them.

I think the colors show up in the picture pretty much like they do in real life.

So there are two matte and two shimmery colors, but it is a very fine sheen that they give. I'm all about neutrals, I love them. My neutral phase has lasted now for I think 7years or something like that.

I think the pigmentation is decent, much better than Bobby Browns Bone ones at least (I expected more of that eyeshadow, but oh well.).
In my everyday look I love putting the second color from left all over my eyelid, before that I draw a line with a silver pencile (Avon Supershock gel eyeliner) and smudge it. The brown and silver go well together. I use the first one from left as my highlight color on my brow bone. I draw a medium line with my black liquid liner and top it off with Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara in black.

Oh I forgot, before appling my eyeshadows  I put foundation ( usually Maybelline  Super Saty 24 in 030) and my eyeshadow primer on (Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer). I love Palladios Primer, the only primers I've had pefore were from Manhattan and Lumene. They poth were ok too, but the Palladio one is much easyer to apply, it comes with a applicator so I don't have to squese it from a tube or pick it with my finger out of a pot. It seems to me, that the colors are more vibrant on Palladio too.

The other things I got were my Eco Tools Brushes. I got two foundation burhses (love at first sight, oh my :) ), two liner brushes (not so fond, I think I'll give one to my sister) and the eyebrush set that contains a brush case and 5 brushes that have labels on them so I would know what fot yo use them :P  (blender brush, crease brush, highlight brush, shader brush and a smudge brush). But I actually use the highlight brush to blend my crease color, so sorry highlighter brush. The blenred brush I use for placeing my highlight color and to blend my lid color and creas color with the higlight one.

Eco Tools eyebrush set
 I did a picture of my eyeburhses (again sorry, it's nothing special).

I love the brushes, they are soft and my makeup looks so good  put on with these brushes!

I think I might get a second set for myself...and one for my sister, maybe.

The only brush that I find no use for is the shader brush (Second one from bottom), but maybe I could place some glitter with it on top of my eyeshadow on new years eve. That's an idea to test out!

With my purchase I got four samples. I got a Sante face moisturizer (which I saddly lost, I still had one use in it :'( ), Dr Hauschkas Revitalizing Face Mask (have yet to try it out), Avena oat shampoo and conditioner (will try it out soon).

Avena oat shampoo and conditioner

The talk part :)

So next week is Cristmas, I'm not really a big fan of it, but hey, I get a 3day weekend, who wouldn't love that! And on Thursday I get off work at 2PM :)!

We haven't decorated our home yet, probably will do it on 23'rd, when all the family is here.

 I'm so lazy today, just drinking my tea and haven't even read the book I'm currently reading. It' s Cecelia Aherns "A Place Called Here". I'm only on page 30 or something like that, so too soon to tell if I like the book or not, but I'm feeling that this book is not really for me. But I'm going to give it a try and read it through.

OK, I'm going to watch TV now. Oh by the way, I'm so dissapointed that "Mercy" doesn't have a second season, why oh why? I wanted to know what happens, but now I'll never find out :(.

Ok, me and my tea cup will leave now! Bye!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My favorite things ( a little follow up to my introduction actually)


1. Eyeshadow- neutral tones from warm to cool, my sister keeps on telling me that I allready have all the browns, but I really don't!
2. Foundation - lately I've been getting into trying out foundation much more. I haven't used any high-end ones, just drugstore, but I'm really happy with what I have found (Maybelline Creamy foundation and 24h one).
3. Mascara- the best ones I have tried are from Maybelline. My ultimate favorites are the Faslies and Collosal ones, Lash Stileto isn't bad either. I guess what helps is that my lashes are in a far better condition then they used to be years ago. As a teenager from age 13- 15 I didn't belive I have to take my makeup off in the end of the day. Thank God I came to my senses!
4. Chapstick- Nivea is the best I've used (I think it used to be Labello), not expensive and works wonders! A nother one I come back to time after time is Blistex (the one in the little pot that smells like medicine and has a sweet taste).
5. Brushes- just ordered a few Eco Tools ones, they will arrive tomorrow (can't wait!), I have a couple random ones. I just can't bring myself to put money aside and buy some expensive ones. I try to find good ones for cheap.
6. Blush- I love to use blush, gives a perfect color to my cheeks. Usually tones on the warmer side like peachy ones.
7. Brow powder and wax- just discovered that Makeup Stores (a Swedish company) microshadow in Deadly gives my brows the perfect color. The wax I use is from Lumene (a Finnish company).
8. Nailpolish- black, red, dark purple, pink, gray, taupe...


1. Makeup removal tissues- I have acne prone skin so I can't use all kinds of them, at the moment I like the  Byphasse ones for sensitive skin with aloe vera, they have not broke me out.
2. Toner- I use usually the one for sensitive skin.
3. Face cream- Loreal one, but I don't use it regularly. I have found that the ones ment for oily or acne prone skin do not suit me- they make me brake out. So I use one for normal to oily skin.


I love sweet, flowery, fresh and somewhat oriental smells (but not too much). My favorite perfumes are: Salvador Dali "Dalystyle", Davidoff "Coolwater", Mochino "I Love Love", Lacoste "Inspiration" and "Pour Femme", Jesus del Pozo "Halloween".


I'm basically a sucker for chick books, I love happy endings, love to laugh and cry while reading a book. I don't like to read books on very serious topics. For example I've read the book "My lovely bones" and I felt down for such a long time, I guess I took it too seriously, but how can someone not take it seriously, I think the book was written very good, and that was scary to me- things like that happen every day. So after that book I stuck to romantic novels.
Btw I love Jane Austens books and the movies based on them.
I'm currently finishing the 6th book in the Vampire Diaries series. I became mildly obsessed with vampire books last year, read the Twilight Saga (the best book in my opinion was the first one, the last one I dind't like at all), True Blood (haven't read the last one jet, but I can see, that some books are better the others in the series) and now reading the Vampire Diaries. After True Blood I promised myself, that I'm an adult and not going to buy any more vampire books, but oh well, who am I kidding, I love those stories.
An english-... dictionary is allso one of my favorites, allthough I guess I should open it more often then I do.


I love to eat, I have quite a sweet tooth (my favorite sweets are cackes and candy). From meats I only eat chicken and fish, I just don't like any other meat. I have been a vegetarian for about a year, but gave it up. Eating healthy is a struggle for me, I seem to have periods when I'm very good at following the healty rules, but lately I've fallen of the wagon.

My first post- a little introduction

Ok, here I go :)!

I have had a blog before, but I discovered that I wasn't particulary good at keeping one, didn't like to talk about myself that much, but since I like (love) reading makeup blogs I thought that I'd give this a chance: I'll try to keep my own beauty blog...and book blog, since I adore books!

I have been into makeup my whole life, I can remember how mezmerising my mothers ultimate red lipstick was- the color was perfect for me (3years old at the time)! It had allso the perfect smell, I have never found that color again.

So the first contact with makeup was when I was 3. The next one was when I was about 4years old (or 5) and I had talked my mom into buying me my very own first makeup item- of course it was a red lipstick (what else would a little girl have wanted!), but it was not the best red color for me and it smelled bad, but non the less was I proud that I got my lipstick. My very first makeup. When I was 6 years old I got my next item- a ugly lightblue greas stick for eyes. It litteraly was greas, at least it was very greasy...and that blue was not my color! But I liked to play with it anyway!

I belive it was at 6years of age I discovered nailpolish, what other color then red- after asking repeatedly mo mother painted my little nails red one day. I was the happiest little girl!

Then there is a blur and I) can't really remember I played with makeup from age 6-11, but then came the age 12 and on a fair I saw the perfect eyeshadows (at least I thought so at the time) and I got my mother to buy them for me. Again, I was so happy, the funniest part, come to think of it now, was that she made me promise I use them, of course I promised it, and I did use them. They were pink-creme-brown kinds of colors and with my dark brown eyes and hair suited me very well. So I've been using makeup on a more or less daily bases for the last 12years.

I love how makeup can make me feel better, but I can go out without makeup to, no problem.

I'm 24years old. My skintype is oily and acne prone. My color not fair not medium, but something inbetween and with a yellow undertone. Eyecolor is dark brown, haircolor is dark brown too. Hair type straigh to wavy, rather dry and damaged, lenght- to the shoulders.

What I plan to do with this blog is to do some hauls, swatches (as I find them very helpful while searching information about products online) and reviews. I don't buy really expensive makeup (not saying I never will) and I am situated in Eastern-Europe.

I'm going to talk about books, since I love them. Probably I'll talk about other things to (movies, perfumes ect). I am going to post some pictures eventually.

This blog is purely for my own entertainment so don't take it thats seriously and my opinions are going to be honest and I they help someone I'm glad! Be kind to me, I have never had a beauty blog before :P.

OK, best wishes to everyone!