Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lazy Saturday: Avon quad, Eco Tools, free sample, tea and talk

Hi world, I allmost wanted to give up on the blog, didn't feel like writting at all, but I'll try this thing out.
The pictures I made are not that good, but I hope I'll get better in time.

I bought a quad from Avon (Mocha Latte), I've been using it all week, I love it!
Avon quad Mocha Latte
Saddly I didn't manage to make a decent picture of it, but I did swatch them.

I think the colors show up in the picture pretty much like they do in real life.

So there are two matte and two shimmery colors, but it is a very fine sheen that they give. I'm all about neutrals, I love them. My neutral phase has lasted now for I think 7years or something like that.

I think the pigmentation is decent, much better than Bobby Browns Bone ones at least (I expected more of that eyeshadow, but oh well.).
In my everyday look I love putting the second color from left all over my eyelid, before that I draw a line with a silver pencile (Avon Supershock gel eyeliner) and smudge it. The brown and silver go well together. I use the first one from left as my highlight color on my brow bone. I draw a medium line with my black liquid liner and top it off with Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara in black.

Oh I forgot, before appling my eyeshadows  I put foundation ( usually Maybelline  Super Saty 24 in 030) and my eyeshadow primer on (Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer). I love Palladios Primer, the only primers I've had pefore were from Manhattan and Lumene. They poth were ok too, but the Palladio one is much easyer to apply, it comes with a applicator so I don't have to squese it from a tube or pick it with my finger out of a pot. It seems to me, that the colors are more vibrant on Palladio too.

The other things I got were my Eco Tools Brushes. I got two foundation burhses (love at first sight, oh my :) ), two liner brushes (not so fond, I think I'll give one to my sister) and the eyebrush set that contains a brush case and 5 brushes that have labels on them so I would know what fot yo use them :P  (blender brush, crease brush, highlight brush, shader brush and a smudge brush). But I actually use the highlight brush to blend my crease color, so sorry highlighter brush. The blenred brush I use for placeing my highlight color and to blend my lid color and creas color with the higlight one.

Eco Tools eyebrush set
 I did a picture of my eyeburhses (again sorry, it's nothing special).

I love the brushes, they are soft and my makeup looks so good  put on with these brushes!

I think I might get a second set for myself...and one for my sister, maybe.

The only brush that I find no use for is the shader brush (Second one from bottom), but maybe I could place some glitter with it on top of my eyeshadow on new years eve. That's an idea to test out!

With my purchase I got four samples. I got a Sante face moisturizer (which I saddly lost, I still had one use in it :'( ), Dr Hauschkas Revitalizing Face Mask (have yet to try it out), Avena oat shampoo and conditioner (will try it out soon).

Avena oat shampoo and conditioner

The talk part :)

So next week is Cristmas, I'm not really a big fan of it, but hey, I get a 3day weekend, who wouldn't love that! And on Thursday I get off work at 2PM :)!

We haven't decorated our home yet, probably will do it on 23'rd, when all the family is here.

 I'm so lazy today, just drinking my tea and haven't even read the book I'm currently reading. It' s Cecelia Aherns "A Place Called Here". I'm only on page 30 or something like that, so too soon to tell if I like the book or not, but I'm feeling that this book is not really for me. But I'm going to give it a try and read it through.

OK, I'm going to watch TV now. Oh by the way, I'm so dissapointed that "Mercy" doesn't have a second season, why oh why? I wanted to know what happens, but now I'll never find out :(.

Ok, me and my tea cup will leave now! Bye!