Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first post- a little introduction

Ok, here I go :)!

I have had a blog before, but I discovered that I wasn't particulary good at keeping one, didn't like to talk about myself that much, but since I like (love) reading makeup blogs I thought that I'd give this a chance: I'll try to keep my own beauty blog...and book blog, since I adore books!

I have been into makeup my whole life, I can remember how mezmerising my mothers ultimate red lipstick was- the color was perfect for me (3years old at the time)! It had allso the perfect smell, I have never found that color again.

So the first contact with makeup was when I was 3. The next one was when I was about 4years old (or 5) and I had talked my mom into buying me my very own first makeup item- of course it was a red lipstick (what else would a little girl have wanted!), but it was not the best red color for me and it smelled bad, but non the less was I proud that I got my lipstick. My very first makeup. When I was 6 years old I got my next item- a ugly lightblue greas stick for eyes. It litteraly was greas, at least it was very greasy...and that blue was not my color! But I liked to play with it anyway!

I belive it was at 6years of age I discovered nailpolish, what other color then red- after asking repeatedly mo mother painted my little nails red one day. I was the happiest little girl!

Then there is a blur and I) can't really remember I played with makeup from age 6-11, but then came the age 12 and on a fair I saw the perfect eyeshadows (at least I thought so at the time) and I got my mother to buy them for me. Again, I was so happy, the funniest part, come to think of it now, was that she made me promise I use them, of course I promised it, and I did use them. They were pink-creme-brown kinds of colors and with my dark brown eyes and hair suited me very well. So I've been using makeup on a more or less daily bases for the last 12years.

I love how makeup can make me feel better, but I can go out without makeup to, no problem.

I'm 24years old. My skintype is oily and acne prone. My color not fair not medium, but something inbetween and with a yellow undertone. Eyecolor is dark brown, haircolor is dark brown too. Hair type straigh to wavy, rather dry and damaged, lenght- to the shoulders.

What I plan to do with this blog is to do some hauls, swatches (as I find them very helpful while searching information about products online) and reviews. I don't buy really expensive makeup (not saying I never will) and I am situated in Eastern-Europe.

I'm going to talk about books, since I love them. Probably I'll talk about other things to (movies, perfumes ect). I am going to post some pictures eventually.

This blog is purely for my own entertainment so don't take it thats seriously and my opinions are going to be honest and I they help someone I'm glad! Be kind to me, I have never had a beauty blog before :P.

OK, best wishes to everyone!