Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question and anwser time...

What do I do when I don't have to go to work the next morning?

See for the answer after the jump ;)! Go on, I know you want to know!

Did you guess it? Did you?

Ok, I'm not going to teas you any longer.

Drumm roll please....

And the anwser is......

I play around with makeup! Yes, you caught me! But the results are ... blurry pictures, yeiiiiiiiii :D!

May I present my blurry pictures now (I'm not really arguing with myself, I'm just keeping myself company, and good one for a that matter!)?!

I did two looks, I'm gonna call them The Brown eye and the other one The Silver eye, so here you go and I'm still trying to figure out how to take propper pictures so that the colors wouldn't be all the same.

The Silver eye

The Brown eye

By the way, it's 1.56AM here and I kind of feel sleepy now. But I have to wash my face before going to snuggle up in my bed.

I tried my glasses with both of these makeup looks, well duh, silly me, like I could take off one of my eyes so I could try it one after another with my glasses...(that's a clear sign I have to go to bed asap!)...okj put on I mean: ok but on to the important part. I'm not sure which one of these do I want to wear for New Years Eve. I guess, since the colors are brighter in real life (but there are going to be pictures too. Hey you could always make your makeup stroner- heavier. Yes now I am having a dialoge with myself...sleepy, not weird, rember, sleepy, not weird!)...

Ok enough of this nonsense, I'm off to bed before I get into an argument with myself :P.