Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little review: Bjobj Avena oat shampoo and conditioner, Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating mask and other hairtalk

Let me first tell you about the smell oh the shampoo and conditioner, they both smell like I expected- like oat, and a bit spicey, allmost like they would contain ginger or something. It's not the typical sweet smells I go for (well duh, it's not at all sweet), but I like it, I don't think the fragrance is going to last long on my hair though. It smells very natural. It is ment for dry and fragile hair. The cleansing substances are of vegetable origin. The consistensy of the shampoo was like a more fluid gel, orange tinted and clear. It formed a nice foam. The conditioner looked groase, it looked nasty, like sourcreame mixed with cottage cheese (I just realised that I don't know why I think that looks nasty, but it does!). The smell was the same as the shampoo's, but stronger. What I found intresting was that my hair absorbed the conditioner right away. That
has never happened before. I wonder if it was a good sign? (I'm still in the process of drying my hair).
OK now I've combed my hair (it is still wet, but no worry, I did it with a wide tooth comb) and it really was easy to comb through it. I have shoulder lenght hair, but usually it is really hard for me to comb through it without hurting myself.
My hair is still slightly damp, but I have to say that I like the products I used, I didn't put any leave-in conditioner in it and my hair is all nice and soft. Didn't really think it would work on my hair. I think I'm going to buy the full sized bottles to try if it really works for me- my hair is usally exited about new prodocts so trying it once doesn't mean much actually in my opinion. My hairtype is weak and dry, but gets oily on the roots and I wash it allmost daily (I know it's not good, but I can't help it).

Small sample tube of Dr Hauschka
Rejuvanating mask
I allso tried out the rejuvenating mask from Dr Hauschka. The smell I find intresting. When I first put it on my face it smelled slightly like men shampoo to me, but then in time it turns into a flowery smell, that reminds me of a rose bodymist. It has oils of all sorts of good in it. It's kind of strange that the mask suits all skin conditions according to the pamplet inside the boxh it came with, I'm a bit sceptical. But I'll find out in a minute if a onetime use has done any good (not expecting much of  the first time using it, I still have about 1-2uses in the tube, which was 5ml/0.17 Oz).
On the paper in the box they say to take off the mask with a with a moist cloth, I felt the need to wash my face with luke warm water. I can't really say it did anything for me, maybe my porse are slightly better (not so large). I'll have to use it up and then I'll get back with the verdict.

Casting Creme Gloss in 630
Caramell on naturally dark brown hair
My hair is currently colored with Casting Creame Gloss in 630 Caramell. I didn't belive it would work for my hair, because my natural color is 2shades darker I belive, but it did. The sad part is, I used this hairdye  beliving it would wash out in 28 washes, but it so has not. I colored my hair on 29'th of October, since then I have washed my hare more than 28 times, but this color just doesn't come off. I was dumb to belive that in the first place, I know. The reason I'm so sad about it is because I grow my hear for about 3 years to get all the brown/black color out and even cut it very short two years ago. I still hope that it magically will evetually wash out. Don't get me wrong I love the color at the moment, but I have trouble with commiting to one certain haircolor. Even now, being sad about this color not washing off, I feel like trying out a nother one :P. Plus I hate the roots, I hate having to color the roots!
But if I get over the hate towards roots, I think I'll try out 713 Iced Latte next, and then later I have a nother reason to whine about :P.