Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Makeup look of the day, Christmas present

I did a ligher version of the makeup on the pictures today for work. I just wanted to do something easy and light, but I actually discovered the makeup to wear on my eyes that goes perfect with my Maybelline Red Pepite 550 Colorsensational lipstick.

I put Palladio eye primer all over my eyelid, next I applied the lighter matte brown shade to my crease area and outer corner. Then I took the diamond powder and lightly pressed it down on my lid and more intensley to my inner corners, after that I took the darker matte brown shade and put it into my crease and outer corner and blended it all. As a higlight I used the yellowish skin colored shadow from the Maybelline duo in Cashmere Browns.
I put on Oriflames (as swedish makeup brand) Giordani Gold cream eyeliner with my Eco Tools liner brush and used Maybellines Lash Stiletto mascara (the one in the black tube).

Pictures of my eye makeup and christmas presents are after the break.
Pictures with bad lighting
Pictures with a bit better lighting (excuse the hiddiuos stare like I'm trying to poison you with my eyes, I promise I'm not though!).
That's the stare I'm talking about, sorry!

I'm in love.....with my lashes, really they used to be horrible a couple years ago, but now I think they are very nice!

I don't like to wear eyeshadow on my lower lashline because I have glasses and I feel that if I wear eyeshadow on the bottom lashline too, it makes my eyes smaller.

Too bad that the pretty sparkel didn't got pictured good enough...:(

I got tired of not getting good pictures and did what I do best while takeing pictures or being taken pictures of- look crappy!

From the top: Nivea Pure Diamond Dust, Petite 550 Red Pepite, Maybelline Duo Cashmire Browns lighter shade, Avon Quad Mocha Latte lighter matte brown and last the darker matte brown from the same quad.
Maybelline duo CAshmire Browns, Nivea Pure Diamond Dust and Maybellines 550 Red Pepite
I like the Palladio eyeprimer, it is good enough for me and I have oily eyelids, but the eyeshadow lasts all day! The diamond powder (not real diamonds actually :( ) does give a lot of fall aout when tried to brush on, but when patted it's ok and the little fall out you get you can wipe away with your foundation brush or powder brush.

The lipstick I find drying, but I guess it's actually my lips, even chapstick makes them dry some times.

So on to my Christmaspresent and books :)

I got two gifts a black sweather (I love it) and a gift set from an estonian company called Joik (, but they unfortuantely don't have an english site- sorry!).

Joik giftset
 The box contains:

  • 1 scented soywax candle in strawberries & wine 145g(in estonian it says sparkle wine)- it doesn't smell to me like either of them, but it is a nice feminine smell and very relaxing. Had it before once, it burns up to 30 hours.
  • Rose soap with red clay /100g bar. That one smells very much like roses, what a surprise :D. I't looks nice, has swirles of red in it (the clay), havent used it yet though. The ingredians are listed on the box: olea europea oil, canolia oil, theobroma cacao seed butter, cocos nucifera oil, elaeis guineensis butter, helianthus annuus seed oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, ricinus commuunis seed oil, parfum, red kaoline.
  • White chocolate bath truffles. Those have roses in them so they smell to me like roseswith a light hint of white chocolate. Haven't tried them yet, but will do it soon. Ingredients listed on the box: theobroma cacao seed butter, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, citric acid. 40g/ total 5 pices.
I love this gift so much, it smells heavenly!

Oh, I allmost forgot, I got one more thing, a cute pencil from my niece.

And finally I'm listening to Journey, I remember that as a child when we got MTV I saw/heard them on there for the first time I think (though I guess they were considered old music back in the end of eighties)...

Crazy to think it's that long ago I was just a little 4year to memories for me now :D.