Sunday, December 19, 2010

My every day eye makeup and a little about Cecelia Aherns "A Place Called Here"

Since I was bored I decided to put on my eye makeup (and blush) on Sunday evening, just for fun.
By the way I had to climb under the ceiling to make a some what decent picture of my makeup.

Every day makeup with Avon quad
Mocha Latte

I love my makeup very natural.

Since I have glasses I find that I do not want extra shadows on my eyes, so I tend to keep my makeup light on the eyes, I sometimes even dont do the eyeliner, but then I'll vear darker brown on my eyes.

My blush is Avons face pearls, I love them! They give such a nice pink on my cheeks, without being too pink.

I love Rimmel lipstick in 006 Pink Blush, I use it every day. I don't usually wear makeup on Saturdays and Sundays, but when I go somewhere, then I do like to put makeup on  even on weekends.

My lazy Sunday just worked itself over to a Lazy Sunday, I still haven'ty read my book,  but I adore how the cover looks, I'm not a big fan of pink in clothing, but I love it on my cheeks, lips, book covers and ect .

I just can't continue reading it for some reason. The book came as a box set, containing 3books in it "Remember me" (Loved it!) and "If You Could See Me Now", "Where Rainbows End". I loved both of those. I allso have read "PS I Love You", awww my heart melt, a great book, made me laugh and cry. I love when a book is capable of doing that to me :)! What I find intresting is that in the very beginning the question "Where do lost things go" is being risen, I find it a very good question, as a child I had the very same one, I was convinced that there is a land full of lost things, mountains of lost suitcases and shoes, shirts and skirts, favourite dolls and lollipops...

OK, as I am a tea addict I'm going to make some tea now :)!