Sunday, December 12, 2010

My favorite things ( a little follow up to my introduction actually)


1. Eyeshadow- neutral tones from warm to cool, my sister keeps on telling me that I allready have all the browns, but I really don't!
2. Foundation - lately I've been getting into trying out foundation much more. I haven't used any high-end ones, just drugstore, but I'm really happy with what I have found (Maybelline Creamy foundation and 24h one).
3. Mascara- the best ones I have tried are from Maybelline. My ultimate favorites are the Faslies and Collosal ones, Lash Stileto isn't bad either. I guess what helps is that my lashes are in a far better condition then they used to be years ago. As a teenager from age 13- 15 I didn't belive I have to take my makeup off in the end of the day. Thank God I came to my senses!
4. Chapstick- Nivea is the best I've used (I think it used to be Labello), not expensive and works wonders! A nother one I come back to time after time is Blistex (the one in the little pot that smells like medicine and has a sweet taste).
5. Brushes- just ordered a few Eco Tools ones, they will arrive tomorrow (can't wait!), I have a couple random ones. I just can't bring myself to put money aside and buy some expensive ones. I try to find good ones for cheap.
6. Blush- I love to use blush, gives a perfect color to my cheeks. Usually tones on the warmer side like peachy ones.
7. Brow powder and wax- just discovered that Makeup Stores (a Swedish company) microshadow in Deadly gives my brows the perfect color. The wax I use is from Lumene (a Finnish company).
8. Nailpolish- black, red, dark purple, pink, gray, taupe...


1. Makeup removal tissues- I have acne prone skin so I can't use all kinds of them, at the moment I like the  Byphasse ones for sensitive skin with aloe vera, they have not broke me out.
2. Toner- I use usually the one for sensitive skin.
3. Face cream- Loreal one, but I don't use it regularly. I have found that the ones ment for oily or acne prone skin do not suit me- they make me brake out. So I use one for normal to oily skin.


I love sweet, flowery, fresh and somewhat oriental smells (but not too much). My favorite perfumes are: Salvador Dali "Dalystyle", Davidoff "Coolwater", Mochino "I Love Love", Lacoste "Inspiration" and "Pour Femme", Jesus del Pozo "Halloween".


I'm basically a sucker for chick books, I love happy endings, love to laugh and cry while reading a book. I don't like to read books on very serious topics. For example I've read the book "My lovely bones" and I felt down for such a long time, I guess I took it too seriously, but how can someone not take it seriously, I think the book was written very good, and that was scary to me- things like that happen every day. So after that book I stuck to romantic novels.
Btw I love Jane Austens books and the movies based on them.
I'm currently finishing the 6th book in the Vampire Diaries series. I became mildly obsessed with vampire books last year, read the Twilight Saga (the best book in my opinion was the first one, the last one I dind't like at all), True Blood (haven't read the last one jet, but I can see, that some books are better the others in the series) and now reading the Vampire Diaries. After True Blood I promised myself, that I'm an adult and not going to buy any more vampire books, but oh well, who am I kidding, I love those stories.
An english-... dictionary is allso one of my favorites, allthough I guess I should open it more often then I do.


I love to eat, I have quite a sweet tooth (my favorite sweets are cackes and candy). From meats I only eat chicken and fish, I just don't like any other meat. I have been a vegetarian for about a year, but gave it up. Eating healthy is a struggle for me, I seem to have periods when I'm very good at following the healty rules, but lately I've fallen of the wagon.