Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas dinner in a gallery

I totally forgot about this post, it was written on the 22'nd, but I wanted to polish it a bit (and instead forgot all about it).

I see I forgot to write I had delicious beetroot pie and desert at the gallery. Loved the paintings too, and christmas music!

Written before going to dinner:

I can't wait. Wish the time would go by faster, not only, because it's my usual lunch time and I decided I would skip it today (so I wouldn't ruin my appetite), but because I hope they have a delicious beetroot pie today. I didn't think beetroot pie could taste anything near acceptable, but it is sooooo good! I've been dreaming about it the whole week.

I'm wearing Avon Mocha Latte quad on my eyes and Maybelline Color.. (forgot the name, but the new ones, you know?!) in 550 Petite Red or was it Red Pepite. Red Pepite 550- there, I found my lippy in my purse (should throw away all the old receipts, would be maybe easier to find actually important or useful things).