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Monday, November 7, 2011

3 TIGI hairsprays

I love TIGI hairsprays, actually I love salon hairsprays just because they smell so nice. To be honest, besides TIGI hairsprays I've tried only two other brands sold at hair salons- Wella and KC.
Since I have kind of odd waves in my hair, I like to straiten it (some times also curl it) and to prevent them going back all crazy on me again, I have to use hairspray to hold them in place. My hair reacts badly to humidity and wind, so the hairspray has to be strong, but of course I don't want my hair to look like I've sprayed tons of hairspray on it. And I almost forgot, most of the time I have bangs, so they are a complete nuisance and they practically never want to be like I want them, but never the less I love my fringe so much!


So on to the 3 hair sprays I've tried from TIGI, I'll start from the one I love the most to the one that I don't love that much.
  1. TIGI Bead Head Master Piece
    Smells heavenly, keeps my hair in place, but be aware, when you spray too much of it into your hair, it will get sticky! When using after curling my hair, it seemed that this spray was too heavy for the curls and the curls fell out quite quickly.
    On the packaging they say that it is tropical scent and I have to agree, it really is, even the bees agreed during summer with me, so I was quite the bee-magnet :p.
  2. Pilt
    TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray
    I think this one is more suitable for curls, it's not as heavy and when I use it after straightening my hair, I do have to put it in my purse and re-spray it during the day or else my hair will get back to where it was before straightening it.
    Smells sweet and like s certain hard candy that's sold in Estonia.
  3. TIGI Bed Head Maxxed Out (hate the smell of it!)
     All though I think that this one stinks (the same way Ellnett does)- I mean smells bad, the hold is extra strong and I do like the finish of it! I do have to be careful that I wouldn't spray to much of it, since the hair turns very hard- like I would wear a helmet.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gelish nails and apple cake :) (an old post that I forgot to post)

This post was just waiting for my in my Edit posts list, poor thing, probably thought it would never see daylight, but little did it know...that it actually will!

Since the post wasn't finished there is no apple pie anymore and nor is there a recipe :(.

But about the nails, they lasted nicely 4weeks and after that I did get them one more time done, but decided to take them off about two weeks later. I didn't go to my nail lady, but did it myself with tin foil and 100% acetone, just put cotton pads with acetone on my nails and covered them with tin foil and let them work like that for about 10-15min and then scraped the polish off. I'm sure it is not healthy by any means for your nails, but saved me 10€.

Here's the original post:

I just remembered that I haven't done an update on my nails. Gosh, what a silly little thing am I :P.

I got the nicest compliment, and most certainly unexpected, on my nails yesterday. Well anyone hasn't really said anything but oh their pretty to me, so someone (a very handsome young man :P) saying that they are cool was like, awww that's so sweet!

OK, I'll let you see my nails.

Gelish UV gel polish
I got them done on July 27'th, so it's been 3weeks soon, I'm going to get them done again on the 22'nd. The picture above is from a couple days after getting them done. The growth part is at the moment about 3-4mm. My nails haven't broken (knock on wood) yet and hopefully they won't. I really love the Gelish polish, and the darker colors don't fade in contact with sunlight. I'm not sure what color to get next, I'm thinking about pink tips, but neutral all over color, or pink and then with Konad lace-like tips. Oh how hard it is to decide.

I also thought to share my apple cake/pie recipe, I really like it, it's so good and since it is getting more like autumn every day...

Review- Rimmel Matte Finish Topcoat|Pink nails with cracked white polish

Haven't written in a long time!

My lovely pink manicure

From L to R: Rimmel Whitener, CG Shoking Pink, Depend Cracked Effect in 5000, Rimmel Matte Finish
I've been looking for Rimmel Matte Finish a looooong time now, and about two weeks ago finally found (the shops here, oh well....).

My first impression on it was- meh (yep, I did sound like Snookie making meh :P) , don't like it! But the tables have turned and now I actually really love it. I still haven't figured out what I did wrong the first couple of times applying it, but I think the color on  my nails was still too wet, because this time it worked perfectly, made all my nails a velvet matte finish! Love it!

I first apply my basecoat to all my nails, then I apply the 1st coat of my color to all my nails and then the 2nd, then I wait a little and apply either the cracked finish polish or my Rimmel Matte. If I choose to apply the cracked finish, then I have to wait till it's dry and then I can apply either a regular topcoat or the Rimmel Matte Finish one. It takes a little bit time till the polish starts to turn matte, but it's under one minute and then the result should be seen, if not, then it probably means that the colored polish was still too wet.
With the topcoat on my manicure stays good for about a week to 1,5weeks I would say! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping day and things like that: BYS cosmetics, haircolor and stuff

I did some shopping these past two weeks, and bought myself some goodies (and received some in the post).

First, my order finally came, but one thing was missing, they were unable to get it for me (awww, made my sad, what a bummer!)

But I did get Pop beauty Lips Smoothie in the color Pink. I wasn't quite sure about the lipgloss first, but now that I have used it for 5days, I love it and would buy it again. I read on the internet that it is supposed to give a certain amount of plumpness, well I think it does plump my lips a bit, but nothing dramatic and it isn't uncomfortable at all (like wearing Carmex, weird, does Carmex have a plumping effect on anyone elses lips?)

Pop Lip Smoothie in Pink

Pop Lip Smoothie in Pink

And then I got some BYS cosmetics (never heard of it before, it's made in China, but their homepage is

On top: BYS eyeshadow palette in #2 Natural Delight
On the bottom from left: BYS Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
BYS Kohl Eyeliner in  28 Coffe Bean and BYS Powder in #1 Light

From left to right: BYS Brow Liner; BYS Eye Pencil: BYS Eteshadow Palette; BYS Powder

BYS Eyeshadow Palette in #2 Natural Delight
So I bought a brow pencil (pencil line on the left) in brown, love it!, an eye khol in Coffe been (the pencil line on the right), an eyeshadow palette, a powder.

I like the eyeshadows, but am not in love with them and would not recommend someone else to buy them if that person has a ton of neutral colors, they are pretty pigmented in my opinion (but then again, I have only used drugstore makeup), but they are kind of very buttery for my liking. And on me they turn too orange, I love the second lightest color in the pan, but on my eyes it turns orange :(. Probably has something to do with the natural oils of my eyelids, even though I have a base on underneath the shadow.

I have to say that the eye pencil I'm not so in love with, too much red, the color on the pencil looks more ashy (love the more ashy browns). The powder falls in the same category, nothing special, but I'll use it up now that I have it, and the color is nice, but it's just way too cakey in my opinion, have to be really cearful, but then it doesn't mattify my skin enough.

And I also did a little damage to my hair (let me believe it is just a little to my hair, it was a big damage to my wallet anyways, stupid me should have gone to the hairdresser and for the same money she would have made me look good in an hour).

I'm just going to put a picture of my current haircolor in this post. I'm not going to include all the odd rainbow colors I've had in my hair this past two weeks. I did actually buy a new hairdye today, but I'm going to let my hair rest for this month and color it probably in the end or middle of September.

The color I'm going to color it is L'Oreal FĂ©ria Preference in P10 Beige Brown . It's pretty ironic, why? That's the color I wanted to color it in the first place. Well I guess now I can.

OK, have a nice day/night/evening/afternoon/morning.

By the way, it's falling stars season here, I only have one wish I truly would wish upon a falling star...ok two, but if I had to choose, I know which one I'd pick to wish for....

Oh, and I want to get a tattoo, but that I'll get probably in end of September or beginning of October. I've chosen to get a black and white butterfly, the reason is simple, I like butterflies, they give a kind of inner peace to me when ever I look at the, they are so beautiful, and I would like to have on on me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My look of the day

Hi! I've been missing my blog so much!

I'm listening to one of my favorite songs at the time ...

And since last week was natural make up week, I decided to step it up a notch :P and do my makeup a bit more dramatic. At least on the eyes, I like to keep it pretty simple on my face and lips.

Indoors without flash, but in sunlight

Indoors without flash, but direct sunlight

Indoors under regular lamplight with flash (can you say too much light :P)

Indoors against direct sunlight without flash
I just love love love makeup!

Today I discovered that I have become a bit shallow I think. I feel bad about it though!

By the way, I'm going to get the Gelish removed on Wednesday and put a new color on ;). Can't wait, it still hasn't chipped or anything, just have about 5mm growth, but I covered it up by painting over it with my own polish. As long as you remove the polish with acetone free polish remover (one made for artificial nails) it is OK and the Gelish will be allright. The original color of the Gelish polish (Go Girl) has terribly faded, it's now a weird yellowish-peachy-pinkish tone, not nice at all. I feel so bad that on Wednesday I have to go to work with those nails (have to remove my own polish before going to my nail lady), but I can't wait till I get new polish put on. But what color should I get this time. Oh decisions, decisions :D.

I love beauty, sorry if it seems shallow, but I love it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My favorite kind of makeup look and some ramble

I just wanted to share the makeup look I absolutely love-love-love :)!

It's the "I've just got a bit of liner and mascara on" look :)

Wednesday makeup

Thursday makeup

Friday makeup

Saturday makeup

And one more thing that I absolutely adore and love to little tiny bits :)

I bought this little necklace from a little tiny handy craft shop just over the street from my work place, it's not real silver nor a real crystal or diamond or what ever it is supposed to look like.

Funny to think, that on that particular Friday morning I thought to myself at home "Hmmmm, I should buy myself a cute little necklace to  wear with mu outfit, I do own some, but nothing that says sweet and cute and is really feminine", so it was something that made me really happy. It even felt a bit like I could get the little things, that I want, come to me :).

I all so did a little shopping today, bought a cute cardigan and shoes.