Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping day and things like that: BYS cosmetics, haircolor and stuff

I did some shopping these past two weeks, and bought myself some goodies (and received some in the post).

First, my order finally came, but one thing was missing, they were unable to get it for me (awww, made my sad, what a bummer!)

But I did get Pop beauty Lips Smoothie in the color Pink. I wasn't quite sure about the lipgloss first, but now that I have used it for 5days, I love it and would buy it again. I read on the internet that it is supposed to give a certain amount of plumpness, well I think it does plump my lips a bit, but nothing dramatic and it isn't uncomfortable at all (like wearing Carmex, weird, does Carmex have a plumping effect on anyone elses lips?)

Pop Lip Smoothie in Pink

Pop Lip Smoothie in Pink

And then I got some BYS cosmetics (never heard of it before, it's made in China, but their homepage is

On top: BYS eyeshadow palette in #2 Natural Delight
On the bottom from left: BYS Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
BYS Kohl Eyeliner in  28 Coffe Bean and BYS Powder in #1 Light

From left to right: BYS Brow Liner; BYS Eye Pencil: BYS Eteshadow Palette; BYS Powder

BYS Eyeshadow Palette in #2 Natural Delight
So I bought a brow pencil (pencil line on the left) in brown, love it!, an eye khol in Coffe been (the pencil line on the right), an eyeshadow palette, a powder.

I like the eyeshadows, but am not in love with them and would not recommend someone else to buy them if that person has a ton of neutral colors, they are pretty pigmented in my opinion (but then again, I have only used drugstore makeup), but they are kind of very buttery for my liking. And on me they turn too orange, I love the second lightest color in the pan, but on my eyes it turns orange :(. Probably has something to do with the natural oils of my eyelids, even though I have a base on underneath the shadow.

I have to say that the eye pencil I'm not so in love with, too much red, the color on the pencil looks more ashy (love the more ashy browns). The powder falls in the same category, nothing special, but I'll use it up now that I have it, and the color is nice, but it's just way too cakey in my opinion, have to be really cearful, but then it doesn't mattify my skin enough.

And I also did a little damage to my hair (let me believe it is just a little to my hair, it was a big damage to my wallet anyways, stupid me should have gone to the hairdresser and for the same money she would have made me look good in an hour).

I'm just going to put a picture of my current haircolor in this post. I'm not going to include all the odd rainbow colors I've had in my hair this past two weeks. I did actually buy a new hairdye today, but I'm going to let my hair rest for this month and color it probably in the end or middle of September.

The color I'm going to color it is L'Oreal FĂ©ria Preference in P10 Beige Brown . It's pretty ironic, why? That's the color I wanted to color it in the first place. Well I guess now I can.

OK, have a nice day/night/evening/afternoon/morning.

By the way, it's falling stars season here, I only have one wish I truly would wish upon a falling star...ok two, but if I had to choose, I know which one I'd pick to wish for....

Oh, and I want to get a tattoo, but that I'll get probably in end of September or beginning of October. I've chosen to get a black and white butterfly, the reason is simple, I like butterflies, they give a kind of inner peace to me when ever I look at the, they are so beautiful, and I would like to have on on me.