Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review- Rimmel Matte Finish Topcoat|Pink nails with cracked white polish

Haven't written in a long time!

My lovely pink manicure

From L to R: Rimmel Whitener, CG Shoking Pink, Depend Cracked Effect in 5000, Rimmel Matte Finish
I've been looking for Rimmel Matte Finish a looooong time now, and about two weeks ago finally found (the shops here, oh well....).

My first impression on it was- meh (yep, I did sound like Snookie making meh :P) , don't like it! But the tables have turned and now I actually really love it. I still haven't figured out what I did wrong the first couple of times applying it, but I think the color on  my nails was still too wet, because this time it worked perfectly, made all my nails a velvet matte finish! Love it!

I first apply my basecoat to all my nails, then I apply the 1st coat of my color to all my nails and then the 2nd, then I wait a little and apply either the cracked finish polish or my Rimmel Matte. If I choose to apply the cracked finish, then I have to wait till it's dry and then I can apply either a regular topcoat or the Rimmel Matte Finish one. It takes a little bit time till the polish starts to turn matte, but it's under one minute and then the result should be seen, if not, then it probably means that the colored polish was still too wet.
With the topcoat on my manicure stays good for about a week to 1,5weeks I would say!