Saturday, July 16, 2011

My favorite kind of makeup look and some ramble

I just wanted to share the makeup look I absolutely love-love-love :)!

It's the "I've just got a bit of liner and mascara on" look :)

Wednesday makeup

Thursday makeup

Friday makeup

Saturday makeup

And one more thing that I absolutely adore and love to little tiny bits :)

I bought this little necklace from a little tiny handy craft shop just over the street from my work place, it's not real silver nor a real crystal or diamond or what ever it is supposed to look like.

Funny to think, that on that particular Friday morning I thought to myself at home "Hmmmm, I should buy myself a cute little necklace to  wear with mu outfit, I do own some, but nothing that says sweet and cute and is really feminine", so it was something that made me really happy. It even felt a bit like I could get the little things, that I want, come to me :).

I all so did a little shopping today, bought a cute cardigan and shoes.