Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review - Gelish UV gel nailpolish

So.... on the 4th of July I got put Gelish UV nailpolish on my nails and now I decided that  I can actually write a little review about it.

  1. How it's done?
    The nail lady  first sprayed some antiseptic spray on my hands, to get rid of nasty germs :P (actually it is a standard thing they do when getting Gelish, gel nails or acrylics). Then she pushed back my cuticle and filed my nails. Before she put the PH bond on my nails (I guess this liquide is for the purpose to get the basecoat to stick to the nails) she roughened my nailplates a little, not that much, but slightly. Then she put on the basecoat and my nails went under the UV light. Then she added the first coat (in total there were 2coats of color polish) of the color polish, doing two nails at a time and those two went under the UV light (she said that a LED light would be better for the polish, but I saddly do not remember the reason why). When the two coats of color where on my nails, then she put on the top coat and under the UV light my nails went again. She all so added a Konan design (butterflies, my favorites, they bring peace to my mind when ever I'm upset and then look at them :) ) to my ring fingers. She simply did the stamp and then added an extra coat of the top coat and under the UV light my nails went again.
    In order to get it removed I have to go back to the lady and she'll put some kind of special disolvant on my nails and with a orange stick scrape id gently of as I understood.
    The complete process takes about an hour, and when you go in for the maintenance it is 1,5hours (in case you get them in a nother color, which I'm obviously going to get done, since the color on my nails is so totally different from the one that would come from the bottle).
  2. Can you paint your nails while you have Gelish on your nails?
    The nail lady told me I could, just have to make sure that I take the polish of with an acetone free nailpolish remover as the acetone would ruine the gel polish (wonder- does this mean I could take the polish of myself with a regular nailpolish remover? Nah, I'm not going to try that out!).
  3. How is the color doing after 11days?
    I actually noticed slight change in color the very next day I got my nails done. What happens is that in sunlight the color gets lighter, and so the color fades. I had my nails done in bright pinkish lilac color (Go Girl), but now they are kind of coral-peachy pinkish kind of colored.The color doesn't fade evenly. To be honest, the nail lady did say, that the light colors tend to fade in contact with sunlight (and it is the middle of summer here).
  4. Do I notice any kind of chipping?
    No! Not even a bit. And that is the amazing part! Usually my nailpolish lasts up to a week without chipping (I use base, color and top coat), so this is pretty good. But I'll be surely reporting in how it holds up, since I'm not taking the polish of jet.
  5. How many colors are there to choose from?
    There are I think 71 shades (sorry if I totally miscounted the colors, but you can see them here). Talking about shades, I have no idea what color to get next, my nail lady doesn't have the whole range, but so, that's sad :(, but I'm sure I'll find one that makes me happy :)!
  6. Does the polish feel like gel nails or regular polish or something else?
    To me it feels just like regular polish.
  7. What about the nail growth?
    It is visible, but if you are like me and not scared of seeing a bit of nail growth, then it is fine :).
  8. Anything else you want to share?
    My nails are stronger and not have not broken jet, so I'm hoping that with Gelish I can grow my own nails and they will not brake. The tips are OK, I can see small micro cracks, but it's fine by me.
So in conclusion I am going to stick with Gelish for a while, just because I like how I don't have to worry about my nails.

So here are some pictures:

1st day

11th day

The both top pictures on the compared days have been taken in regular desk lamp light and the bottom ones in daylight- all without flash.

You can see, that on the 11'th day in the top picture my pointing fingers nail is partly kind of yellowish, it's accurate and that's how the color has faded. But I'll have to hang on with these nails for a while and then I'll test out a darker color too and if it keeps doing this strange fading thing, then I have to think hard about if Gelish is for me or I'll just return to short nails and painting them every Sunday :).