Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gelish nails :)

I'm so happy, got my nails done yesterday for the first time, well not the first, since I hve had gel nails twice, but...ok what ever.

I got Gelish on my nails, and I'm sooooo happy :)! The color should be go gogirl.

Gelish nails

Gelish nails
The butterflies on my ringfingers are made with Konan stamps (or the thingies, don't know how the correct words are). I didn't do them myself, got them done in a salong.

I know it's wierd, but I can't wait till enough time has passed, so that I can go back and get them done again. But I do hope they last me atleast 3weeks :)! In euros it was 10€ for getting them done, and the next time it'll be 12€ since she has to remove the old polish before putting on new one. I want to get them done in a new color, thinking of  navy kindish of blue with white tips perhaps :).

So fun, yesterday I allso went to my hairdresser, she is the most amazing one I have ever had! Got just a little trim actually, but I enjoy going to her every time. And I do tip her, I figure even though she is a professional and would never be lazy doing my hair, I like to tip her good, you got to keep your hairdresser motivated, I'm planning on starting tiping my nail lady to, the people making you prettier deserve to be tipped if they do a good job ;)!