Monday, November 7, 2011

3 TIGI hairsprays

I love TIGI hairsprays, actually I love salon hairsprays just because they smell so nice. To be honest, besides TIGI hairsprays I've tried only two other brands sold at hair salons- Wella and KC.
Since I have kind of odd waves in my hair, I like to straiten it (some times also curl it) and to prevent them going back all crazy on me again, I have to use hairspray to hold them in place. My hair reacts badly to humidity and wind, so the hairspray has to be strong, but of course I don't want my hair to look like I've sprayed tons of hairspray on it. And I almost forgot, most of the time I have bangs, so they are a complete nuisance and they practically never want to be like I want them, but never the less I love my fringe so much!


So on to the 3 hair sprays I've tried from TIGI, I'll start from the one I love the most to the one that I don't love that much.
  1. TIGI Bead Head Master Piece
    Smells heavenly, keeps my hair in place, but be aware, when you spray too much of it into your hair, it will get sticky! When using after curling my hair, it seemed that this spray was too heavy for the curls and the curls fell out quite quickly.
    On the packaging they say that it is tropical scent and I have to agree, it really is, even the bees agreed during summer with me, so I was quite the bee-magnet :p.
  2. Pilt
    TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray
    I think this one is more suitable for curls, it's not as heavy and when I use it after straightening my hair, I do have to put it in my purse and re-spray it during the day or else my hair will get back to where it was before straightening it.
    Smells sweet and like s certain hard candy that's sold in Estonia.
  3. TIGI Bed Head Maxxed Out (hate the smell of it!)
     All though I think that this one stinks (the same way Ellnett does)- I mean smells bad, the hold is extra strong and I do like the finish of it! I do have to be careful that I wouldn't spray to much of it, since the hair turns very hard- like I would wear a helmet.