Friday, March 25, 2011

I've been away for so long?!

Hello everyone who on purpose or by accident happens to visit my blog, I'm so sorry I hve been away so long. To keep it short it was all about someone else for a while, but now I'm here again.

My makeup today :)!

On my eyes I have:

1. Palladio base (underneath it Palladio Herbal Liquid foundation and Lumene Concealer)
2. Rimmel double ended (black and white) black khol eyeliner as a base
3. A red-purple brown eyeshadow on the moving part of my lid
4. In the inner corner of my eye the white end of the Rimmel pencile and goldend shimmer eyeshadow from a Loreal palette
5. I blended the red-purple brown with a peachy color and added a matte cream white highlight
6. Added some liquide eyliner and Rimmel Accelerator mascara
7. Oh totally forgot, on the lower lid I'm wearing my beloved Avon quads mocca like color and the Loreal shimmergold, in the morning I was wearing the Rimmel white khol liner on the rims of my eye (hope it's called like that)

Ok, bye for now :)!