Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yay, I love my Andrea Mod Lashes- the accent ones :)!

Hi everyone. So glad to be back :P.

Saturday I spent in the Cinema watching two movies and doing a little shoping in the capital of Estonia :), my home!

I watched Insideous and Jane Eyer. I was told by two people that I'm brave to go to the movies alone, I do not get what the .. it is with people, why do they think it's brave to go and watch a movie alone? The ticket seller asked me " and for the other movi just one ticket too?", I have to say I did feel a little insultet, like what, is it a crime to watch Jane Eyer alone too? I hated how the emphesizes was on the word "too", but it could be just me and the fact that I still feel a bit tender.

Anyway, I loved the experience to go and watch a movie alone, I learnd that this way I'll actually watch the whole movie and am not one of those annoing people who think their comments duaring the movie are totally

My eyemakeup today and my lovely nailcolor :)

Insideous I found very good to the point where the bad guy was not a real ghost. Jane Eyer I think...I think mr Rochester could have been meaner. But all in all I loved the movies and I can't wait till I can go and see the movie about Little Red Ridinghood. And I'd love to go and see Thor just because that man who plays Thor is  Gourgeous (yes with a capital G!). A man like that could fall on my field every day ;P!
I did a bit of shoping, have found that it is a nice way for treating a broken heart :)! Saddly it's not that good for the wallet :D, but who cares :P.

I bought two pairs of accent lashes from Anread Mod, a Palladio lipstik and lipgloss (what a dumm dumm I am, I came home, put it on and was suprised by the cooling effect, my little brother told me it's lip plumper, but I was like,  no I don't know what it is. Later I found out that in fact, it is a plumper :D. Lol, even my teenaged brother knew what it was, but I didn't how shameful!), ricepaper and lash glue. The Andrea lash glue is not good, it'd goopy and I do not like it, probably it has been in the sun or something.