Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick update!

Tonight I'm going to color my hair and post some pictures (before/after). By the way, the Casting Creme Gloss promises to wash out in 28washes, but that is so not true, it's pretty much a permanent color and does not wash out, gets probably lighter, but I honestly do not know any permanent dye that wouldn't do the same. I figured since my hard work of growing out my haircolor I used to have is gone, I might as well experiment with new colors. My natural haircolor is probably chestnut brown, so I'm sticking to the browns with different undertones of red, since they seem the less extreme for me. I do not want to make a huge change to my hear, still want to keep it natural, but two shades lighter would be great, I'l lsee if it'll work.

PS! Sorry that I didn't do my new years eve look, probably going to manage to do that tonight too, if anyones intrested :).