Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm confused and don't know what to do

... so I decided to do what always manages to make me feel good! I did my makeup on a Sunday for no other reason but to just have fun!

But first. My cousin graduated university and now has a degree, so proud of her. I did her makeup by the way :D. And mine too, on the important day.

My cousin's makeup on her graduation day:

She wanted to keep it really simple, so no added lashes and no bright colours. I think she looked just beautiful :)! And no, not only because I did her makeup (and a half of her hair).
 The hair was braided, the hairdresser did a poor job, so I tried to save as much as I could, saddly we had only counted minutes, so I couldn't undo the whole fiasco the hairdresser did in her hair and braid it freshly, so we had to work from where the mastermind left it half done.

The hair after the resque operation:

I mean what the hell was this hairdresser thinking? The bottom braid is made by me and the top one by the master. I think you can tell that I'm a bit upset at the hairdresser, oh man, she can't even make a decent straight line, or if it is ment to be zick zack, then she can't make that either!
We agreed with my cousin, that from this day on, I'll do her makeup and hair for special events! I love her to bits! She is my best friend, totally would go rob some horses with her or on a spying mission :P. Love you my dearest one!

Her hair before we did what we could:
I think even though I'm not a master with makeup nor hair, we can all agree on that that hairdresser should find something else to do. There is no excuse for that opossum she did on my cousin's head, like what was she thinking? She did look pretty much annoyed, but well it is her job to make people look prettier not confused, I was very much confused when we left the salong. I almost wanted to ask the hairdresser if she had a bad day and was angry at the world, but oh well...I'm probably just stupid and don't know the trends...

My makeup on her day:

You can't really see it well, but I was wearing mostly liner and a pretty highlight on my browbown. I mostly concentrated on my dress, since it was electric blue and I put on bronzer, a bit of babypink blush and pink lips. I was wearing very much natural makeup, and loved it!

But today, I am having a bit of the blues and felt like doing something much more fun :P.

Here it is:

What I clearly didn't do, are my brows...

I allso wanted to talk a bit about L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse haircolor. I colored my hair a while back with 30 darkest pure brown (you can see the picture of the box HERE), and it turned out black, which is fine with me .

In about a week I'm going to color my hair again with the sublime mousse haircolor, but this time with 40 pure dark brown (picture of the box HERE), every color tunrs out black on my hair though, once I colored my hair with dark blond, and it came out quite black too :D. So go figure ...

A bit of ramble too

I watched the movie "Remember me", I don't know how I feel about it though, I think it was kind of boring and I actualy had the end explained to me by my mother, I just didn't get it, even though I watched the end twice. It left me with a sad feeling inside though, and confusion on what happened.

And, and, and, and, and, I just bought the cutest jacket for fall :). I'm so in love with it!

I love my jacket even when it's blurry :P.

See you next time ;)!